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Sep 12, 2020
Hi, I found out about your project thanks to a Youtube video.
It was a montage, a flag movie.

First of all, I went to your Discord to find out if there was any communication, reviews about your product.

In one of the chats, I saw that before making a payment, it is possible to use the trial version.
I found this section on the site, activated it, they gave me a time of 30 minutes (but they talked about a longer period in Discord).

I immediately went to launch, but immediately ran into a problem, after starting the game, my PC was frozen. The task manager was not called, I could not close the game.

I rebooted the PC, launched the cheat again, I was able to launch it (I spent 5-7 minutes).
For about 5 minutes I figured out the settings of the cheat, its functions.
I, like most, want to use cheats in ranked games to raise my rating. I immediately started searching. As you know, searching for a DPS role takes about 10 minutes.

Ultimately after 20 minutes I was able to find the game and test it in a real ranked game.

After 10 minutes, all the elements of the cheat disappeared, at first I did not understand why. But then I remembered that I was given only 30 minutes. I lost this game, and could not fully figure out the settings, functions, and most importantly, the reason why my PC froze for the first time. The first impression was very mediocre, rather even negative.

I’m writing this for a reason, I’m trying to understand why not make this trial time longer? At least 1 hour. I tried to explain my position to you, 30 minutes seemed to me very short.

Of course, you are most likely the only cheat provider that provides a free trial period in automatic mode. Yes, this is certainly very good, but why is it only 30 minutes? Before buying, I want to understand what I have to deal with. If we consider your competitors, then in case of any problems, I could return the funds through PayPal (if something did not suit me).

But you have payments in cryptocurrency.

In this case, maybe you should meet the users halfway? This is just my opinion, I tried to leave a review about your service. Thanks.


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Feb 9, 2020
Hey smile199, Thank you for your review. Our trial is meant to test if you have any startup problems not to trial our product. If you want to trial our product please buy a 1 day code. Our official resellers also offer Paypal.


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Dec 9, 2019
Thanks for your feedback, trial has been changed back to 2 hours as this was an error and I have also reset your trial so you can try Unleashed again.
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