Apex review


Mar 5, 2020
Hi there,

First of all, i got to say that i never purchased a cheat before, the reasons are that im never trust the providers (detection, scam etc), since i don't code i didn't wanted to try to make an EAC BP myself and i don't know how to spoof either.
What made me make the step is your trial version so just cuz of that its a well played for me boys i took one week.

For the ones who wants to know if this cheat is worth or not :

Im a high competitive player, im a legit D1 on Apex, legit Global on CS, Multi glad on WoW etc etc, i bought this cheat to fast level smurfs to get some heirlooms and all i can say is that if you go with some legit settings and you have moves even a really good player can't detect you.
On my main im only using the ESP to gain time on looting and to find the leeching peoples who wants to gain points hiding.

Notes :

Aimbot 8.5/10 (i'll explain why im not putting a 10 below)
ESP 10/10
Spoofer 10/10
Detected : Not (if you are banned its your only fault)

Why im not putting a 10 is because the settings are hard to customize without experimentation so i had some weird issues with em while shooting with the havoc mod and some fiew weapons (aimbot gigglin' on target)

Suggestion is : Everything would be perfect if you could add the training mode dummies as a recognized target for the aimbot so we could tweak the perfect settings without risking to have some weird surprises while in match, idk if thats possible but it'll surely make this cheat godlike.

Its a big clappa from me and if everything still run smooth i'll stuck on this one for a while.

Cheers !
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