Apex Review


Jan 20, 2020
Hello, Unleashed community.
I wanted to give a review of the apex version of the cheat. I've been in the apex cheating scene for more than a year now I have pretty much tried all the cheats available in the market, even the ones which are INVITE-ONLY. So, I know what I am doing when it comes to cheats for Apex.

Unleased has a unique style of injecting, which I love; this allows me to have multiple sessions of gaming for a single injection. That's a big YES for me right there. About the menu pop-up, there are several cheats out there where you need to wait 2-3 minutes for the menu to appear, but the menu for Unleased is instant.

The features offered are more than you expect. There's I think five instances of Aimbot, which you can configure for a specific weapon or all the weapons. Aimbot is pretty cool and firm, also has a feature of closest aimbone, which most the cheats fail to provide, which makes up a for legit gameplay. The visuals of this cheat are basic with a bounding box(2D box), names, distance, which are enough for the visual aspect, but hey the cheat is still in BETA, more visual features might get added in the future. This cheat also offers a trigger bot, which I was impressed as this is the only cheat that I've tried, that has a working trigger bot.
The rest of the features are quite intuitive, such as config saves, etc.

Overall, I give this cheat a 9.8/10, more because of the injection style, which I like A LOT.

Thanks to the whole Unleased community for releasing such an incredible cheat.