Overwatch Cheat Review/Comment


Jan 30, 2020
Overwatch is such a bad competitive game, the concept and the potential is really high but only if you're extremely good can you actually enjoy the game. I left the game for a massive amount of time because it got really boring and stale and I'm so glad I found this, and I know cheating is frowned upon in the general community but man it makes the game so fun. The thing I especially like is that I still have to do work (otherwise a. it wouldnt be fun and b. you would get caught easily) and it makes the game so much more enjoyable. Thank you developer for creating stuff like that because it really makes me enjoy games and I don't have lots and lots of free time to grind and get good at the game because if you're bad the game will really let you know you're shit because the community is far beyond toxic, so stuff like this makes me enjoy the game without having to grind countless hours. Excellent cheat, hope I can buy a few days every now and then. 10/10 Thanks a lot.


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Dec 9, 2019
I actually share the same POV when it comes to cheating in games in general. The more games progress, the more grindier they get and sadly for casual peeps like us it kiils the fun out of the game, especially with systems like SBMM where you can't play casually anymore and you have to tryhard all the time if you want to have a chance at winning and getting that sweet dopamine boost. IMO cheating takes all that load off you and actually enables you to enjoy the game again. Thanks for your review!


Feb 5, 2020
thank you