Overwatch Cheat Review


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Jan 3, 2020
For the day I have been using this cheat, it's really been only doing me good. The Menu is really friendly and the menu isn't hard to understand at all. The customizability when it comes to aimbot as such is good, but it is lacking hero profiles which I think will probably be added overtime and it doesn't bug me. The aimbot at times if you use "autoshoot" option doesn't work too good on DPS that have auto (like Tracer and Soldier but this is from my experience so take it with a grain of salt), but if you use it on Hanzo, Ashe, Widowmaker it works perfectly. I haven't played around with triggerbot since I normally don't use it in any game but from the few tests that I did, it works perfectly fine and has a lot of options to it. ESP is really clean and easy to understand, same with the theme section.

Overall this cheat is a heavy recommend, o tho it can be buggy it has a really nice feel to it.


Feb 5, 2020
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