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Jun 14, 2020
My thoughts on playing UN in the past year

This is a very good cheating, especially the stability makes him surpass all ow cheating
however His bug is really a headache, whether it's flick or Hitbox
Feedback many times, but there is no update, and even the bug of ESP box has not been fixed
It's really disappointing that no administrator except Waraii is willing to check whether users are satisfied with their usage in discord.
In terms of aimbot, skills and prediction, UN is completely behind other cheating. If you are the author of config, you can realize how brain burning and difficult it is
Now UN aimbot can only use follow guns. Flick can't play a key role in hero aiming. The enemy will twitch at close range and can't guarantee high hit at long range. He has the most bugs of all cheats I've ever usedFeelsBadMan
This is not just for my personal use. These problems have led to the loss of most Chinese users and the absence of any Chinese market
No user is willing to stand up and explain these situations😟
Every time I play a game, I have to adjust the config, because it can't satisfy me. It's either miss or too fake
I really can't stand it today before posting this post. I hope the staff can understand the usage of UN users
QOC promised us:

A lot of stuff was finished but he never released anything. Remember when hermes said everything for auto abilities was done. Just needed to right the functions. Here we are still with nothing really added to OW except for a few bug fixes
"We will bring UN back in January"

Perhaps the administrator negligence or busyness led to forgetting
Now, ow is the only product of UN. All users in China hope that UN will return.😣

Thank the administrator for reading