Overwatch Hanzo Prediction



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Jan 7, 2020
Here's a quick video I made on Hanzo's Prediction! Enjoy :)
Disclaimer: CFG is made to look legit!

Settings: ( Currently OW down so when it's back up i'll post a screenshot of the settings and a pastebin link)
Everything is from memory below!

Bone Preference: Neck
FOV: 4-6 ( The lower it is the more legit you look)
Autoshoot: On
^^ Disclaimer: Autoshoot only works when the cheat thinks it has a 100% of shooting and hitting the target.
For enemies 10ft on closer, aim at them within the FOV and charge your bow and don't let go, let autoshoot do the work for you.
For enemies farther than 10ft, aim at them within the FOV and charge your bow and manually release the aim key when you think you got a good shot.

Smooth X/Y Axis: 86% ( Turn down if you want to have a little more snappy aim and lock on faster )
Charge Prediction: Enabled - Min: 60% Max: 80%
Ignore invisible targets: Enabled
Trace Conditions: Strict
Lock Time: 200ms
Bone Lock Time: 200ms
Smooth Variation: 84%
Max Head Distance: 1000m
Smooth Type: Constant
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