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Jan 26, 2020
Hello, everyone!

My name is Dawn and this is my honest review of the Apex Legends cheat published by Unleashed.
It will take some time to read, so I am going to put this Review in a spoiler.

Total amount of words: 1.262
Reading time: About 3-5 minutes

If you have no time to read all of it, here is my Overall rating:
Aimbot: 10/10
Visuals: 9/10
Spoofer: 10/10
Safety: 10/10
Customer/Tech Support: 10/10
Overall Grade of Cheat: 9.5/10
Aimbot (10/10): The aimbot works as expected. This is probably one of my favorite aimbots because of the smooth settings. You can set if and where the Aimbot should shoot. Either head, neck, body or closest. The smooth setting can go from 0-100% . With this, you can make the aimbot look quite legit if you plan to go that route.

There is also prediction which works perfectly fine. It gives you the ability to choose which enemies you want to target. You can also choose how the Aimbot should be released. Automatically or by button. The prediction works as intended but the automatically switching setting is really good since there is no visibility check for this aimbot. By having this automatically switching on, you don't have to worry about the aimbot randomly snapping to another target if you have it activated. This works really good in a large fight and you having an automatic weapon. You have to let go of your aim key and hit it again for it to reactivate. If you don't want this setting on though, you can change it so it keeps snapping to other targets. Your choice. On a larger FOV radius, you might want to be careful though, because without no visibility check, if someone is spectating you, you don't want to accidentally snap to another target that isn't visible.

There is a FOV radius/distance indicator(crosshair) from 0-180. The FOV radius goes in 01 increments. I personally tried 5-6, and I like where it feels there, but for the ragers or even some other people, it might feel too small. You might want to do 20 or more if you plan to go that route. You can also adjust the FOV distance so it only targets things within that range which goes from 0-1000. This also goes with the 01 increments.

You can choose your aim key. They have almost every key on your keyboard to set as Aimkey. Such as a ton of the mouse buttons, alt and so on. Pick what fits best for you. Definitely a 10 out of 10.

Updates/Detectability/Support (10/10): If I had to just rate this category for detectability (the detected rate), then I would rate it 10/10 alone. The hack has been undetected since release and never have I had any problems with it. They constantly update the hack and it has remained undetected. They let you know on the loader when you try to load it if a new loader is out which is helpful in case a new Origins/Apex Legends update hits. Because of this, they are on top of their detection side of things.

Now, that was strictly about their undetected status. The Support is also perfect. You can easily contact them on their Forum or Discord Server. Quick response, nice Supports and they try to help you if they are able to. The updating of the safety use of the hack takes priority, which I ranked the undetected status in 10/10, and they do great. They update this Apex cheat within a few hours so you don’t have to wait a long time.

ESP (9/10): The ESP is really solid on this hack. What I personally like is how the ESP box and numbers do not actually cover up the enemy's model or hinder them from sight. Other hacks I use have their ESP displays covering a person's models which makes it harder to see. I usually do not like my ESP font to be that big, but on this hack, it looks really clean and doesn't cover up the model so I am fine with it. There is your simple ESP options in this hack. You have distance adjustment from 0-1000 which is set in 01 increments so you can allow the ESP to only display at certain distances, if you have distance ESP, show team ESP and health ESP. With health, it shows the actual number, and not the life bar like other hacks. This is a preference thing, but since the font and background font color look good, I don't have a problem with the health only being displayed as a number. Distance ESP is on top of the ESP box, and health ESP on the button of the ESP box.

The distance slider is the real key in the ESP for me though. That and the cleanliness of the actual ESP font. The only thing is, you need to have box ESP on for the distance ESP to work. If you turn off box ESP, you will not have distance ESP. I personally wish you could just use distance ESP (since I personally like my screen to be usually clean), but this is not too much a problem since the font for the ESP is easy on the eyes.

Unfortunately, there is no Item ESP yet. They said it will come within the next Updates. Since it is still in Beta, I can understand.

Overall (9.5/10): Even though I rated this a 9/10, I still highly recommend this hack for you to use. The only real reasons why it was slightly lower was because of the things I mentioned from before. I never had to get much support since the hack is easy to inject, but when I do need help, they always responded fast as lighting.

You can purchase the hack with BTC and Paypal (via Reseller). Also the prices are totally fine. You get a 60 minute trial for free, 24 hours for 5€, 1 week for 20€ and 1 month for 45€, which is totally fine! If you buy it by a reseller u have a fee of like 2-7€ which is not bad.

They offer a online based hardware spoofer to create a new HWID via a Seed Hash, which is quick and easy to use. To inject the cheat, just download the .exe (quick tip: move the file to your desktop) and open it. It will automatically inject and you get a notifaction on the download site if it was injected successfully or not.

All in all, this is probably one of the best hacks out in the market along with another extremely small select group of providers. Unleashed lives up to the hype along with what they offer. Another thing to note is that this cheat is streamproof which makes it another plus in my book. You get what you paid for, and I can say that I feel that my money went well-spent. If they get the other updates they said updated, I can easily say this is one of the best hacks in the market if not best.

I have used about 3 different providers now, and some of these hacks are often detected, or do not live up to what they preach, but I can honestly say that Unleashed provides what they say and are in that small group of actual trusted providers and with an undetected status. Feel safe purchasing from them and be satisfied. Just give it a try with the 60 minutes free trial and create your own opinion on Unleashed. Totally worth the money!


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Oct 22, 2019
Great review. Thank you for the honest feedback!
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Feb 2, 2020
V Nice. FeelsGoodMan
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