Honest Review of Unleashed


Mar 21, 2020
Hi all. I would like to start by saying this is the first cheating platform I have tried for Apex. I will be completely honest about the experience I had with the cheat.
First off, I tried the 1 day trial somewhere around Friday and thought the platform was great. I purchased the 1 week subscription and upon my second game I was banned. I thought this was a bit odd since I have never used any cheat or external program and in the first game I got 5 kills all at close range, and the second game I ended up winning with only 6 kills and under 2000 damage. I decided I may have played blatant inadvertently.
I used the spoofer and took all precautions to reset my HWID, then made a new account. This account I was banned after 2 games as well, one of the games I didn't get a single kill for testing purposes and the other game I got 3 kills. (all close range again)
People have been saying that unleashed has never had a detection before and while I believe it, I also believe there was a detection just recently within the past few days. Most people in the discord say "you were probably playing blatant" but I know that I wasn't. At least 10 other people have reported the same within the past few days as well, bans on their main accounts and smurfs that they used unleashed on.
Overall, I am not upset that I lost a few accounts but no-one likes buying detected (or semi-detected since not everyone was effected) cheats.
I am not biased and will still rate fairly -
Customization - 9.5/10 (Very highly customizable)
Aimbot - 9/10 (Pretty good, can get a little finicky at closer ranges)
ESP - 10/10 (highly customizable)
Interface - 9.69/10
Detection - 0/10 (basically can only be a 0 or a 10, since the cheat happened to be detected on the day I bought it (always unlucky) I have to rate a 0.)

I would say if I bought the cheat months or even weeks ago, it would be worth buying. But paying to get banned after 2 games isn't worth it. I will gladly give the cheat a revised review if the detection issue gets fixed.

Thanks and good hunting.