Game Talk Overwatch If you need a good Legit CFG or semilegit CFG, you can add my discord


Apr 24, 2021
Hello~i am Moer
If you are a regular active user in discord, you may know me, but it doesn't matter. If you want a Great CFG, you can add my discord, just a little bit $$$

Absolutely safe, no matter legit or semirage, you will never not be banned
All heroes have complete configuration. You can use any hero you like
The most accurate aimbot prediction, Shoot prediction and Precise skill prediction
Genji CFG, the best in the world, I dare say that no one's is better than mine
The original intention is to receive feedback and adjust for you, everything is in accordance with the user's idea
End.... The Best in the World
wish you luck ; By: Moer
I'm not an 'unleashed' staff
Just an old friend
Discord :Moer#8888
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