Overwatch Legit Balanced [Legit] Nayatii config V2.0


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Jan 1, 2021
Hello users,

For those who want a legit config that will help you with all the heroes beside junkrat and reinhardt this config is for you FeelsGoodMan

I used this config for the past 7 months without being called out at any rank from plat to GM (RoleQueue).
Anyway if you don't use it correctly you'll get called out 🙃 (like using the "flick to head" key too often).

Aimkey is Mouse 4 and/or left click. When 2 profiles are active in the config it means that the mouse4 is setup to headshot only so don't use it too much even if it's made to miss some shots.

Config :
Feel free to give some feedback below this thread 😉

PS :
- Genji config has instances for blade, you will only have to press Mouse 4 then press your dash button (or set your dash to V and it will autodash but I personally prefer to dash myself).
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