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Sep 17, 2021


So after getting bored cheating on csgo/hvh I wanted to try and seek our cheats for ow and I managed to find Unleashed both through google search result and youtube vid. I was quite hesitant at first how legit this was but I checked the forums and the discord which proved to me that it was legitimate and safe.

Downloading and using the cheat is straight forward so any special person can do it. And if people are having problems there is enough information to help troubleshoot. I've only had 1 crash in total but other than that it has been good. Cheat works well. Aimbot/Prediction with different cfgs/testing yourself is really good, I've been using ashe and mcree. ESP/radar works as intended and very useful as well as being customisable. Config system is neat allowing you to bind different configs as well as switch to them easily. UI is sleek and simple which is good.

Overall I recommend this cheat but would suggest using the trial to test.

I give it a 9/10.


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Feb 9, 2020
Thank you for your review @skeetbobob and glad you enjoyed your experience with Unleashed.

Please check your Unredeemed Keys for a little surprise :).
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