Review for the most :) GG Unleashed


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Feb 4, 2020
Hey there together , i'm a German Dude using this pretty cute Cheat now for some Days and i'm gonna Try to bring Unleashed into your Dreams.
The Dreams are going to chase you until you start your Computer , log into the www and buy this goddamn Key Reee
like you heard so far's pretty cute and comes from Hell right into your Dreams 😈
I'm a casual cheater for years and i tried many different cheats from different providers in different time periods and all i can say is : This Cheat is the Most Valuable Program Ever!
Let's Get it Started:
a massive and complex menu which feels like it has a billion settings for everything you need !

Menu - Theme Settings ( 9/10 ) :

You can fully customize your Colors from Player and Enemy Visual Features like ESP , Radar , Healthbar , DamageText , Lines or Distance which is absolutely amazing.
You can also change the Fonts of every Feature or if you like to have another Style or Size just choose it and set up your cheat like YOU want it to !

The Radar , The Healthbar or the ESP Features can be changed in so many ways ! It's sweet like Sugar Baby! pjsalt kappa

Menu - AimBot ( 9,5/10 ) :

This aimbot is all-inclusive and never lets you miss a target ! it's build in prediction is nearly perfect so you can aim & shoot everyone who comes into your range ☠ .
as also in Theme Settings you can set up the AimBot in many different ways like choose your AimKey from A-Z , 0-9 , change it's smoothness from 0 to 100( don't go under 80 if you don't want to get your account banned ) or change your FOV .
You can let the AimBot Autoshoot or use the Triggerbot instead where you're able to configure every Weapon individually and paired with the Recoil Control you're going to be unbeatable !

Menu - Visuals ( 9,5/10 ) :

The complexety and fully customization didn't end here ! Set up your Player and Item ESP and you're ready to get this Chicken Dinner ! Whoops.... wrong Game ?! Predator Rank ? INCOMING!
I recommend using the Lines ESP with Closest Only Feature activated to get to your Opponnents as fast as you can while following the Path of Victory. I can smell it.
You can optimize the Item ESP Features like Weapons , Attachments , Ammo , Gear, Grenades or Consumables. Go collect all Legendarys easily!

Menu - Misc ( 10 / 10 ) :

You want to Share your Config or easily import a Config ? No problem with this Cutiepie ❤ Click Here for Instructions!
Or if you want to go more in depth you can Disable Safety Override and push the Recoil Control with no limit(not recommended) or calibrate the smoothness down to 0 (not recommended) but don't exaggerate it or it can cause a Ban.
With the built in function it's possible to stream without anything showing up in your Recordings or Live Sessions!

Installation ( 10 / 10 ) / Performance ( 9 / 10 ) / Updates ( 10 / 10 ) / ( Overall ( 11 / 10 ) :
There is no Cheat i know that's more comfortable in installation and injecting except this one ! You may have to turn off Windows Defender stupid thingy , download the client , start it and go ruin some normal players life FeelsGoodMan Click Here for Instructions!
Once you're started and your into the Game everything is smooth like you play without cheats. Sometimes my pc consumes FPS drops like smarties or the Game stucks for a little moment but that doesn't really affect the Whole Game and happens max one time a round.
The Cheats on this Site are mostly quality made especially the security and stability. Whenever an Update appears the Team works hard for fixxing everything in a short period and most of the time it's done in like 30min or with some minor changes and fixes up to 1,5h, they're working like 24/7 for the Cheat 1437lappa, Everyone of the Team ! Overall You can't get a better Cheat with so much functions, stability , fast updates , good performance and security then this epic little bast*** ❤
Im Pretty Stoned writing this down for 12h ( really ? o.0 ) so sorry for my absolute terrible english and that it's not more in detail writen because i forgot much things xd 420 ❤.
Buy this Cheat and you're going to rank up quickly you never did so far, i promise ❤
Greetings from the Schwansee 🦢