Overwatch Legit Sayuri Legit Config - All Heroes Supported


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Aug 19, 2020
First of all i wanna thank WaRaii for making his config from which i yoinked a bunch of shit.
After that i wanna thank Cereal for making his fucking goated prediction settings, and everyone else in the staff and active members of the community that keep me coming back.

Neither this config nor the many friendships i made would have been possible without them.​

This config and its earlier variations have been used all the way from 2.1k to 4k on a variety of accounts, and i only get called out when i key too hard too often.
(Some heroes have more than one or two instances configured, but with no aimkey set. These are leftovers from experimental aimbot tabs.)

For most heroes, try and keep your aimkey use to a minimum, unless you wanna end up like all the plats that brag about keying every shot and get banned a week later FeelsBadMan
For all M1 heroes and McCree, just hold that bitch down.
(For M1 aimkeys remember to turn off Block Game Action, otherwise you will end up not shooting when you want to, especially if you're not used to the config.)
Whatever i made the Genji blade instance do was pretty much just adapted from Nayatii's so you have him to thank for it.

Remember to change the config to fit your playstyle to avoid reports!

if you need any help regarding my config or just Unleashed in general feel free to dm me on discord at sayuri#2719 or just @ me on the discord.

Most of the clips in the video are old, but it's the same config :)

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