Overwatch Unleashed Review after ~10 months of use

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Jan 3, 2020
I've been on/off cheating for many many years so generally I have a strong idea of what to look for in a cheating experience. I came across Unleashed in December 2019 when it was a free open beta ( which for the record is incredibly cool ). Over time I got to watch both Unleashed, and the community grow. For the first time, I felt like I wanted to become a part of the community.​
I've been using Unleashed on/off since December 2019, along with a few other cheats, but Unleashed is quite literally unmatched in terms of security. The cheat itself is also constantly being updated and improving over time.​

Ease of Setup
First time setup of Unleashed is incredibly easy. Just enable virtualisation in your BIOS, run the cheat while having the client page open, then you're good to open your game and start cheating.​
If you want to import a config from the forums, just copy the config to your clipboard, and then navigate to the config tab in the cheat and it automatically imports.​

There are many configs on the forums to begin with, and a vast amount of helpful members on the forums and the discord server to help you in adjusting your config, or with making your own. Personally I prefer to make my own config that suits my play style, and Unleashed allows you to do this in a way that other cheats really don't. And I think that's the main benefit.​
Creating your own custom smooth profiles. This allows you to match the speed you aim at, and specific tendencies that you have as a player. You can quite literally make a flick that's indistinguishable from your natural aim, all without moving your mouse.​
Unleashed supports multiple simultaneous aimbot and triggerbot profiles per character which is really amazing as it allows you to create the perfect config for a vast amount of situations that you otherwise wouldn't be able to do.​
Want to have a wide fov for up to 10m away, but a small fov for far away targets? sure !​
Want to make individual profiles for all the different character states such as bastion tank, turret, recon, etc? sure !​
Configuration with this cheat feels practically infinite.​

Unleashed have made their own menu framework that's the same across all their cheats. The menu is fairly well laid out, and most things are quite easy to find, however some things ( such as aimbot fov ) could be placed better in my personal opinion.​
The UI is also incredibly responsive and easy to use. Like a small thing that's a really nice to have is that on sliders, you can click anywhere on the slider, but you can also scroll on the slider to change the value. Yes, it sounds like a small thing that wouldn't go used very often, but it's small quality-of-life things like this that make the UI nice to use.​

I'm not a big fan of ESP personally, but it's extremely customizable, everything is toggleable, all the colors and alpha values can be changed, and it's all stream-proof ( except glow of course ). I don't see what more you could want out of visual assistance from cheats really.​

The aimbot, oh my. There's so so so much you can do with it. As I've already said, you can make your own smooth profiles to match your specific characteristics, which is beyond incredible. You also have the ability to change the consistency of the aimbot, which allows you to purposefully miss shots if you so desire, to look even more legit.​
The modularity that Unleashed offers you with the configurability of the aimbot is unmatched compared to other cheats. The fact that you can tweak every small thing about how the aimbot works is quite literally the best thing about this cheat, and you can make it have any effect you choose.​

This is what made me want to actually write this review, the people. The people in the Unleashed community are some of the most friendly people I've ever come across in the cheating scene. It's the first community I've ever wanted to contribute to, and so I am.​
I'm going to continuously try to contribute to both the discord, and the forum by being active, trying to help, and creating guides and tutorials.​

Unleashed offers BTC and ETH as standard payments, but resellers ( specifically Reddington ❤️ ) allows you to buy with pretty much any payment method imagineable as long as you just ask him.​
If you do decide to buy Unleashed through a reseller, I highly recommend you buy through Reddington at https://reddington.shop and use code KAYLA for 5% off B)​

Honestly, you couldn't ask for a better cheat, and it's improving as time goes on. Good luck other cheats, you're gonna need it :)​

discord: kayla#1337


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Feb 9, 2020
I gotchu with the community part :). This is probably the most in-depth review Unleashed has received yet. This should be displayed on the front page/Forum threads.

Happy to have you with us Kayla :)
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Jan 3, 2020
You can also use the arrow keys for 1x steps up/down and 10x steps left/right when your mouse is placed on a slider. Details bro, details! <3
I didn't actually know this ^,^

And thanks everyone for the kind words :))
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